From 5pm, Tuesday 24th March Claritas Group took the difficult decision to temporarily close all of our sites. Managing the known risks of our projects is tangible and what we do as an industry. However, when you can no longer ensure the safety of those travelling to and from your projects or their loved ones at home you need to change your focus. Our people, their families and all of our stakeholders will always come first.

Our Business Continuity Plans have been preparing us for this moment and we are now working with our many stakeholders to transition sites from operational to secure and ensure the successful continuity of design, procurement and all other processes that can be completed remotely. I thank all of our customers, consultants and supply chain partners for their support in this decision and we will celebrate the successful delivery of all of our projects as ‘one’ team in the future.

Thanks to all of the Claritas Team who have shown unwavering dedication, bravery and at the right times humour in the face of such adversity.

We will get through this together by being apart…for a short while.